david mejias portraitHi.

My name is David Mejias and I’m a photographer – or, depending on the day, a mashup between a photographer, concept developer, retoucher, and illustrator. I currently live in New Hope, PA and Princeton, NJ and I’ve been shooting professionally for six years.

I started this blog to share photographs and occasional thoughts on things related to photography. There likely won’t be a lot of technical photography information posted here because there are already some amazingly great interweb resources out there. Instead, my goal is simply to humanize and humorize the unpredictable and sometimes strange photographer’s life.

As I work on this blog I’ll try to refrain from being self-indulgent, but please consider that I’m in the hoopla and sales business too. If it gets overbearing, email me and tell me to shut my pie hole. You should also feel free to email me non-shut-up thoughts, comments, and questions too!

Thanks for taking the time to visit.