A design conference and an urban tale

Chip Kidd’s new motto: Bitch, I don’t know your life!!

Yesterday I attended Reach, Princeton University’s forth-annual graphic design conference. The event had a great line up of interesting speakers and I left Princeton thinking about how I might apply current design trends and concepts to my own work.

The most entertaining speaker of the day was designer Chip Kidd. The guy kills it on stage and I loved his story about a fast food chicken order gone funny. In his story, a customer and a cashier quip back and forth until the cashier ends up yelling: “Bitch, I don’t know your life!” Today, as I was editing a few photos from the conference, I decided to google the funny line to see if any background details came up. I found these two clips which leads me to conclude the line is just part of an urban tale. The first clip below was uploaded in 2006 and the second clip is from the movie Baby Mama (2008).

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Finally, here are a few more conference photos from my very (obviously) stationary seat:

Speaker: Stephen Doyle of Doyle Partners

Speaker: David Reinfurt of Princeton

Speaker: Paula Scher of Pentagram

Speaker: Bethany Johns of RISD

Speaker: Debbie Millman of Sterling Brands and AIGA

Speaker: Willy Wong of NYC & Company


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  1. Joe Marsh,

    Ha ha, awesome! And you’re welcome for telling you about this! So jealous I couldn’t be there!

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