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Pug in New York City

Murphy Brown in New York

My friend Kevin was pug-sitting for his traveling friend this weekend. I shot this photo with my trusty little Canon G9 point-and-shoot camera. There was strong midday sun coming in from the window, the reflected starburst is from the built-in flash. Also, if you’re curious: ISO200, 1/400 at F5.

Directional contrast

I made this photograph on Sunday at a fundraiser in Princeton, NJ. While I think there are some challenges with this image, I can’t help but be drawn to the contrast between the direction of the subjects in the art pieces on the wall and the direction of the people in the room. It’s curious to me that the people in the room are now directioned subjects in a new work.

What do you think?

Also, If you’re curious, that center photograph on the wall is supposedly number one in a series by photographer Alex Prager. The homeowner from Princeton noted that MoMA owns number two.