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Part II: How many Photoshop layers does it take to make an image?

Way back in August I posted the first part of this story where I featured a screen grab of all the Photoshop layers it took to make an image. Here’s part two.

If you’re bored, or just for fun, see if you can identify the changes from the original environmental image to the final. The plan and process was roughly as follows:

  • First I used HDR (High Dynamic Range) software to pull out details in the trees outside and to balance out the tonal range of the scene. The environment image consists of six or so exposures that were merged together
  • Second I had to correct the slanted door frame that hugs the right side of the image. The entire wall with the screen door is essentially rebuilt
  • Third I dropped in a shot of the models that was made with strobes / flash lighting. I also had to add in their reflections on the floor
  • Fourth I made some corrections to the art work on the wall and also had to color in the martini glass
  • Finally I muted the colors down some for more of a vintage and faded look