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After Irene in Lambertville, NJ

Bordo Bello: Art and fun for a good cause

Last night was the annual Denver skateboard auction known as Bordo Bello. The event was amazingly organized and lots of fun. The art work was impressive too. Rumor has it that 600 tickets were sold. It’s always exciting to see the creative community come together for a good cause. Some photos of my board and the event.

Coffee with Boulder designer Karl Hirschmann

I was recently on The Denver Egotist website and came across a post about some local winners of Communication Arts Design Annual 2009. One name I had never heard of was mentioned: Karl Hirschmann. Like me, Karl works  in Boulder, Colorado. He’s a designer that has a shop a few blocks from where I hang my hat.

How is it that I don’t know this guy I wondered?

After a few emails, we decided to meet up today for some coffee and chat. The usual topics came up, the economy, art, and the Boulder artists’ hunt for creative stimulation.

We also talked about music and Karl’s impressive collection of jazz. Thelonious Monk is a favorite.

I left our chat stimulated and inspired. In these odd days we’re in, I think it behooves us to seek out our fellow creative brethren, have a cup of coffee and support each other and our work.


Hirschmann Design: