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Deer viewer, happy 2013!

Photo of my friend’s band, Story and Clark

This was a fun little shoot on a Denver rooftop apartment building. The band is Story and Clark.

I found Nemo!

I’m visiting Colorado this week to camp and to visit some friends. After a shower today at my friend Jared’s place, Nemo appeared!

Partly cloudly with a chance of pretty


Japanese Polaroid voodoo

YouTube Preview Image

Gotta love Polaroid voodoo.

Pug in New York City

Murphy Brown in New York

My friend Kevin was pug-sitting for his traveling friend this weekend. I shot this photo with my trusty little Canon G9 point-and-shoot camera. There was strong midday sun coming in from the window, the reflected starburst is from the built-in flash. Also, if you’re curious: ISO200, 1/400 at F5.

I knew they were spies

Don’t ask me how I knew, but when the impulse hits to photograph rooftop workers I don’t question it.

Or maybe I’m just paranoid.

Portrait of Mark in D.C.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Oh summer. A portrait of my friend Mark from my weekend trip to D.C.

Portrait of a nude Ben swimming in Palm Springs

I’m still editing images here and there from my trip last month.

So Ben jumps into the pool naked and I decide to make some photographs. I really like how water and color can make subjects less literal.

An aside. Someone asked me at a bar last night why I don’t sell prints. I answered that I really don’t know why I don’t. I think there are somewhere around 5 prints that I’ve made out there. So maybe I’ll experiment with these.  If someone wants 13x10ish prints of these for their pool house or bathroom or bathhouse(?) I might run a short edition. Hit me up in comments or email.

Hope you’re well out there.

Portrait of William in Vegas

A friend of a friend of a friend in Vegas.